What to expect on this episode:

There was an old marketing phrase that said, “Milk does a body good.” Another marketing campaign came along with “Got Milk?”

The underlying message in both sayings was that milk was a vital and essential part of our lives in order to keep our bodies healthy and happy.

It’s the same with Mastering your Message.

You’ve got to learn how to discover your “It” factor and MILK it!

Why? Because it does your MESSAGE some good!

Your “it” factor is that unique and undeniable attribute “the invisible ‘thing’ a person has that makes them stand out in any crowd.”

Some are born with it

Some have to find and develop it

Sometimes, the very thing that you think is ostracizing you, or that you perceive as a blemish, is the very thing that is your “it” factor.

Your “It Factor” is ultimately give you a leg up on others in your field.

Just as a baby needs milk for its healthy development, your message needs some “milking” for its healthy development.

In this episode we talk about ways to discover your “it” factor so that you can “milk” it as you master your message.

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