Nyala's Official Bio

Nyala Phillip is the owner of NP Consulting, the founder of We Win Movement, and creator of the Market Your Message™ formula. In the last 16 years Nyala has owned several successful businesses both offline & online giving her a unique approach to  fundamental brand building and creating business systems built to last. Nyala Phillip is best known for her straight shooter teaching and extensive experience in Marketing & Sales.

After defeating the odds of becoming a statistic in the NYC foster care system, Nyala went on a mission to help change the lives of women who were meant for more. Nyala believes that YOU are the missing ingredient. Your story & experiences hold the power to transform your life and the lives of those you were meant to serve.

Passionate about helping you discover your inner strength and become the trailblazer you were meant to be, Nyala offers real solutions for your brand and business growth. She focuses on helping her clients grow profitable brands that scream Authenticity.

Realizing the need to create a proven system for success Nyala created the Market Your Message™ formula which helps coaches & service professionals find and market their unique message so they can create the life they deserve and the legacy they desire.

“I believe that you have a story and that story can help impact and inspire others. I believe that you were born with everything you need to succeed and because of this you can build a brand and get paid six figures or more to tell your life story. You can create a highly successful lifestyle business while sharing your message all over the world. Every experience you’ve faced was to prepare you to step into your power today. This is for the coach you want to transform people’s lives. The service professional who wants to stop trading time for dollars and get paid what they’re worth. This is for that entrepreneur who has a message to share and wants to be paid
to coach, speak, and impact others lives.” – Nyala

A Message From Nyala

Hey, I’m Nyala Phillip!

I’m a mom of 2, one got her first job a few days ago (Yes, I’m not that young).

I’m also a wife of one, just one.

Now you may be asking the question,

Is this “lady” worth My Time, Attention, And Money?

For many, the answer is YES. And you’ll know why as you continue reading.

But for a few, my answer is NO.

Here’s Why:

  • 1. You want the long method of working things

    For some reason, people equate “success” with “overworking” and knowing everything. I get it. I did the same thing when I started my business 16 years ago.

    I thought that to be successful; I had to do webinars, write blogs, live stream… All these things I saw others do so effortlessly.

    This caused me to get overwhelmed, disappointed, and broke. Now, don’t get me wrong, these activities work,
    but it takes a lot of time and effort to keep on running. That’s why you need a proven and tested system to follow.

    And if you’re not open to following a workable system, then I’m probably not the right person for you.

  • 2. You’re not ready to expand your business

    I know you’re thinking, “what are you talking about, Nyala?” I’m ready to scale my business. I want to earn more.

    Here’s the thing: wanting to scale your business is different from willing to do things to scale your business.

    I don’t help half-hearted entrepreneurs who are only looking for random motivation, even if I can.

    Motivation is temporary. Action bring RESULTS.

    I am 200% invested in my clients, and I expect the same.

  • 3. You want your brand to cater everyone

    It’s important to take note that when you serve to everyone, you serve to no one.


    Every person is different. Different motivation, pain points, and needs. Diversifying your market when you started, even if you have the right system in place and you have the willpower, will make all your efforts spread so thinly.

    And that translates to “little to no impact”.

    To have more impact and more income, you should laser focus on your target market.

You’re Still with Me? Great.

Here’s what you can expect from me

Actionable marketing strategies and workable systems you can use to make more impact and income, for free.
Sales pitches on more in-depth resources, programs, and one-on-one coaching
As a business coach, I know what you need to move the needle. And I create content that will make you do just that.

My main focus is to help you Captivate & Cultivate A Community That Converts Online using my Market Your Message Formula™. As you continue this journey with me, you will learn more about the systems I implement for my clients.

Here’s My First Invitation For You:


If you like them and find the materials useful, sign up for other free stuff. 

If they help you, consider buying my programs and courses when I make you an offer.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to serving you!