The Birthing Experience Show

Helping Coaches Birth Their Mastery

Episode 6: Where’s your delivery plan?

What to expect on this episode: Every expectant mother is required to have some type of delivery plan. A specific way that she wants to be positioned AND prepared to give birth. When it comes to Mastering your Message, you’re also required to have a delivery plan: a way to position your message, prepare the […]

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Episode 5: Mastery Health Check

What to expect on this episode: Every good midwife must perform a health check on their patients. This is a vital part of the birthing process. Health checks are done to monitor not only the progression and condition of the child, but to make ensure that the mother is healthy and progressing well. In that […]

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Episode 3: OUCH! It Hurts: Using your PAIN to PUSH

What to expect on this episode: As a Master Midwife, one of the things that I have to do is acclimate my clients to PAIN. Yes, you heard that correctly. If you don’t PREPARE for PAIN, you’ll DELAY your DELIVERY. I’ve watched this happen too many times. Every time things feel uncomfortable, unbearable, unattainable and […]

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Episode 1: 5 Signs that you’re Expecting

What to expect on this episode: Of all the things to be excited about as we enter into the New Year, one of the biggest things to be excited about is the ability to Birth something NEW! We all get excited about the “New Year, New Me” mantra, but the truth is, the only way […]

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Episode 00: Welcome to The Birthing Experience

What to expect on this episode: In this special introduction to The Birthing Experience I tell you all about how this show came about and what to expect moving forward. The birthing Experience is a show created to help Coaches master their mindset, messaging, marketing, & money. After working with countless coaches and message-driven entrepreneurs […]

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