Instagram released a brand new feature called IGTV. It’s something like youtube and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

IGTV is another way for us to leverage video to grow our profitable businesses online and today I want to talk to you about how you can use the 5 E method to create high-converting content for IGTV.

In this video, I dig deep into

  • The 5E Method
  • Exact strategies to use on IGTV

Let me tell you something about Instagram. Instagram is my most favorite platform. I currently have over 75,000 people in my audience on Instagram. I currently leverage a platform every day by generating leads and sales on autopilot and selling my digital products as well as my courses and program. So today I’m really excited to share with you How To Create High-Converting Content For IGTV using my 5E method.

You may be wondering what is the 5 E method? Here it is. The 5E method is a method I’ve created to help my clients and my audience and create profitable content.

Content that Converts.

I created this formula about three years ago, and right now people still use it to grow their online audiences.

Let’s dig into the 5 E method now.

  1. Educate – This is all about you educating your audience about your products, your services, and your industry. What’s going on in your industry right now? All of that has to do with education. For example, I’m a marketing income strategist and when I educate, I give tips. I do videos just like this. I come up with different programs that will help educate my audience on how to market their business better.
  2. Empower – This is all about motivating and inspiring people. And let me tell you, Instagram is definitely the place for motivation and inspiration. If you notice some of the top pages on Instagram is so is solely based on motivating people, given those quotes, right, and when people get motivated by your page, what happens is they’ll come back every day because they’ll look forward to that motivation from you.
  3. Entertain – This is all about your life and who you are as a person. There has to be some of that in your content plan. Okay? People buy people, not products and services, and what happens is people fall in love with you. They fall in love with your brand. They fall in love with your family. They fall in love with the way you talk. They fall in love with everything about you, so when you start sharing your products and services, it’s a no-brainer for them. A lot of times they buy just because it’s you. Now can you rely on that? Absolutely not. You want to make sure that you have the right in front of the right people. However, people do fall in love with you and you want to entertain people.
  4. Engage – This is a big one because most people struggle with engagement on their social media. So what I tell people is, you have to come up with engaging posts that will prompt your followers to engage back with you. Okay? And we want to do the same thing in IGTV.
  5. Expert –  is a lot like educate, however expert focuses on your own methodologies, systems, and formulas. As an expert, you have your own methods and you want to turn them into duplicatable systems for your clients. For example, me, I have the 5E method. That’s my methodology that I came up with years ago to create my own content and I turned it into a system that I am now teaching to you. So you want to talk a lot about your own methodologies, your systems, your formula. The way you do what you do, how you do, okurrr 🙂

You want to share that because honestly, this instills confidence in the person who’s buying. When a person knows that you have a system, you can take them through, not only do you look more professional, not only do you sound like an expert, but you now become an expert because you’re not just sharing stuff that people can find on Google. You’re sharing things the way you do it in the way you created it to be a duplicatable process for other people to follow and see results.nail

Okay, so let’s recap… We have Educate, Empower, Entertain, Engage and Expert.

Now, let’s talk about how you can use the 5E method to create high-converting content for your IGTV.

Starting with educate, which is all about educating people on your product, service, and industry. So say you’re a health coach of some sort right? You can educate not only the health product that you sell, the ingredients in it, what it does for you, how it helps a person, all of that is education.

What’s being shown in the news, the media about these certain health problems that your product solves. That’s all under educate and you can pretty much give a weekly news series where every week you come with news that’s going on in your industry.

Doesn’t that position you as an expert? Absolutely

So that’s one way you can educate people on your IGTV.

Moving on to empower. Empowerment is all about motivation, and inspiration. So you can empower people every morning by recording a short motivational quote, what it means to you and what you want it to mean for your audience. Then you can post it on your IGTV.

Now, listen, before I continue, I want to mention something. I do not want you to try all of these strategies at once. This is another mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make. They hear leaders and experts give advice and then they feel like they have to do all the things. No, I’m giving you some ideas and you can choose one or two strategies that work for you and start implementing it by using IGTV.

Some of these strategies can also be used on your page. Use some for your page, stories, and some for your IGTV and really come up with a great overall Instagram marketing plan for your business.

Moving on to number three which is Engage. It’s all about creating content that’s going to prompt your audience to engage back with you. So when it comes to engaging on my profile I post a lot of fill in the blanks, a lot of questions, making them choose a or b. All of that is engaging?  If I ask you a question you’re going to want to answer, right? Especially if I frame a question to you that you want to answer, right? Which means you need to know your audience well enough to engage with them and talk about things that will make them want to talk back to you. Well, in IGTV guys, you can do the same thing.

You could do a weekly episode where you propose a question on your profile at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week, you give your answer in your IGTV episode. Even though you’ve already used that question in the week to get your followers engaging with you. On your posts, you could say, “listen, after you answer, make sure you put on your notifications. Be sure to meet me Friday on my IGTV channel where we’re going to talk and dig deep into this questions.

Moving right along, #4 is entertainment.  It’s all about your personal life, family life. What are you doing? a day in your life. What are you all about? Entertain people.

Let’s say all you do is business on your profile. You can pretty much use your IGTV to entertain. So if you’re someone who has not opened up enough,  your audience is not getting to know you and love you, you can use the IGTV as a way to get them to fall in love with you.

Every week you come out and do a personal funny video of you in your own space in your own element, doing what you love and you could call it a day in a life or you could call it behind the scenes with me. Whatever, just as long as it’s entertaining.

Okay. Last one. The fourth one is expert. My favorite, because this it’s all about your formula, your methodology, your system, and that’s what I love.

I love systems and I love helping my clients create a unique system that will set them apart from everyone else.

Listen, at the end of the day, you could have 100 marketing strategist, but only one person do it like you and you have to be able to set that up in a formula and a system that’s duplicatable and share and that’s something that you can talk about when you’re on IGTV once a week.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t do it every day. Once a week you come out and you just speak about your formula, different ways that you could speak about it, but it’s definitely something you want to have and share as it positions you as an expert faster than ever.

Okay, so that is the way you can use my 5E method to explode your IGTV and leverage this new feature the Instagram just blessed us with so you can grow and scale your business.

Don’t forget to download your implementation resource HERE.

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