Instagram Daily Checklist

You won't get away with posting random pics on Instagram. You need a strategy for growth. Use this daily checklist to grow your following and cultivate your page. Past customers have seen a 30% growth only after days of using this checklist.


Profit Planning With Intention Workbook

Every smart entrepreneur knows that you have to be progressive with your financial goals. If you continue to conduct your business as a Mom ­and­ pop shop you will continue to be paid as a mom and pop shop. Now please don't misunderstand me, there's nothing wrong with a Mom­ and pop shop but I'm pretty sure that you have some big financial goals and you know that the #1 way to reach any goal is by planning, planning, and more planning. In this planner, you will learn exactly how I break down my profit goals each month so you can do the same for yourself.


30-day Content Planner

Do you feel frustrated because all your social media content strategies are not bearing fruit? Not to worry. The solution could lie in how focused the content is. This content planner is designed to help you create focused content strategies that guarantee an increase in your followers and profits too. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and let’s learn how to manage & monetize your social media.


Info Product Checklist

Creating information products have been a God sent to my business. Why? Because there are so many people out there who rather buy information products over coaching services for many reasons.

This means that learning how to create relevant digital information products is a guaranteed catapult into success. Get this 6-page checklist today, and equip yourself with all you need for your journey. All you need to create a profitable digital product is within you. You only need to learn how to make the most out of it.


Email Follow-Up Planner

How efficiently you can convert a visitor into a buyer is the sole determinant of how successful your business venture will be. Having a great follow-up strategy is therefore, a must if you want to make it. This planner will teach you tested and proven ways to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and how to earn the trust of your visitors. If this does not help you design an email follow-up sequence that increases your sales, nothing else will.


Social Media Audit Workbook

Whether your social media marketing is in-house or outsourced, it’s often difficult to see where the gaps are between your current successes and where you need to be. Your inbox is full of tips, tools, and hacks to “improve” results and it’s exhausting. The best way to remove the guesswork is through a social media audit.

In this workbook, I decided to lay this out for you in 30 days. So, ALL you would need to do is take 10 minutes out of each day and perform your task. By the end of the 30 days, you will have completed your social media audit.


E-Course Creation Bootcamp

 This comprehensive, 4-week boot camp features (4) workshops with me that will guide you through creating and launching your e-course in record time! The extra bonus? I’ll be sharing with you the top marketing strategies I've used in my own business to take you to BIG success even with a SMALL list! 


Workshop - Funneling Your Way to Passive Income


What if you had a complete walk-through training with plug n' play templates,  and everything you need to bring in passive income sales on autopilot?

This is exactly what you get in my brand new training "Funneling Your Way to Passive Income"

You get:

-A 2-3 hr workshop walking you through creating a passive income sales funnel

-My Exact emails for you to swipe, plugin your info, and hit send. These emails generate a minimum of $2500 in revenue per week


Create Your High-Converting Email Course in Just 5 Days

Do you struggle to get customers on board? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’. This course is specifically tailored for you. I will walk you through everything you need to create a powerful email course that will help you get the best value from your email list. You are going to receive 5 video training's and implementation strategies to get you well on your way to success. So, see you on the other side.


Money Messaging Virtual Workshop

We all have a unique message and style of doing things that attract clients to us. The Money Messaging workshop is a 4-hour intensive workshop, all about helping you create a real, authentic, and magnetic story that will attract even more clients to you. The end results? More money of course.


Rich Niche Mastery

The rich niche mastery course is for people that struggle to attract their dream clients. It helps you discover the most profitable niche for you, and how to use your unique messaging style to speak directly to your clients and position yourself as an authority. You’ll be taken through ‘The profitable nice picker training’ and the ‘dream client psychology training’. After this you also get bonus material that will help you understand your client better so you know how to best serve them.


Webinar Partnership Request Emails

Doing partnership webinars is a great way to supercharge your visibility and Tap into other influencers power. The problem is, you may not know what to say when pitching people.

Welllllll, you're gonna LOVE this. I created some email templates.
Plug in your webinar info & personality and you're good to go.

Here are the (4) people these templates work for:





Download these templates and get more collaborations today!


The Business Loft Notebook

Ever feel like you have tons of notes from all these different groups & coaches and you can't remember where you learned what?
Time to stop the confusion.

Use this ruled notebook to keep all your notes and plans from our online community in one place.

The Business Loft is an online community for Coaches, Consultants, and Service Professionals who want the tools, resources, and accountability needed to grow a profitable business.

If you are not a part of our community, join us here


How to create an irresistible offer Workshop

Imagine launching your product tomorrow and generating $$$$$ sales in the very first hour of opening the cart.   

That’s what happens when you create an irresistible offer.

When you order you get,

-120 min video lesson ($197 value)

-an audio version of the training ($147 value)

-pre-written questionnaire that practically creates the offer for you when you answer the simple questions… ($97 value)

-and even a copyright-free “plug & play” offer template you can take and use however you want  ($297 value)


Create an offer that sells out over and over again, without you breaking a nail in the process!


This has been amazing broken down very simple I am ready to jump  in and build my irresistible offers! I will be working with 2 computers one with this replaying and the other working on the offer!  You definitely over delivered. I feel super confident about writing out my offers. Being able to connect with the emotions and create the scenarios or pictures that I want my target audience to fall head over heels with.  The value of this course outweighed what I paid 1000x over!
- Nadia Plunkett Personal DevelopHer Strategist


How To Setup 10 Passive Income Streams In 10 Days



This is for you if

You want to generate revenue on autopilot
You no longer want to be overworking behind the computer
You want a revenue generating system that is reliable
You want to spend more time doing what you love
You want to spend more time with those you love

You’ll get: 10 video training's + implementation guides


Insta Your Biz (4hr Intensive workshop

Are you still feeling confused about Instagram?

Learn how to set your page up for massive success
Learn how to grow your audience and turn them into paying customers
Get the Exact system I use to build an audience of over 75k and generate consistent leads every day
Finally, understand the dynamics of the platform & how to use it to your advantage

Discover How To Dominate Instagram Marketing & Captivate An Audience of Raving Fans in this Workshop



Master Your Message Workshop

Find your IT Factor & Master Your Message so you can have Clients Running after YOU even if  no one's ever heard of you

Here's ALL what you get when you join:  

1. The Master Your Message Workshop - 89 mins. audio ($497 value) - This workshop will walk you through the Captivating story formula which shows you how to craft your story & find your unique message so you can finally have that real, authentic, magnetic brand that speaks straight into the hearts of your ideal clients.     

2. The Captivating Story Workbook ($47 value) - This workbook helps you implement and structure your story.  

3. The Master Your Message Workbook (client edition) (value $47) - This workbook will help you craft your message and Why statement so you can be prepared to communicate who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, on the spot, in any circumstance (elevator speech, 15 min. presentation, or keynote)  🔥 🔥 🔥


Branding For Network Marketers

How To Build a HUGE Networking Marketing Brand Even If You're New


How to make people fall in love with you, so they come to you instead of you chasing them
A 52-minute Video Training showing you the EXACT steps to take to stand out as a Brand
The 3 step formula top network marketers use to build six figure businesses
Sign more team members & customers faster & increase your Income

I'm So Confident that This Training will Change Your Life
I'm backing it up with my Personal
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee  


Launch Like A Boss Planner

There are four main phases in a launch: 
Behind the scenes 
Marketing messages

In this planner I help you map ot all 4. I've also added your checklist for up to a month before your lauch so you know EXACTLY what to do every day leading up to your launch your course or program.


Launch Your Best Seller Planner

Writing a book is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be proud of it.  However, once the book is written, the whole point is for the book to sell. You can’t just publish the book and expect it to take off without any effort on your part. Use this planner and plan out your successful launch!


Plan to Profit Planner

Plan Your Programs, Promotions, and Profits for the Entire Year!

Use this 121 page planner to implement what we cover in the Plan to Profit class. So many people attend workshops, they leave feeling empowered, they leave feeling like they have all they need, then they get home and say "What should I do first?" Not this time. This planner will ensure that you take action on your plans. 2019 will be your most profitable with ACTION.

If you haven't reserved your seat yet, hurry we are almost filled -


Plan To Profit 2018 Bundle

Plan your programs, promotions, and profit for the entire year!
In this 8-hr training I walk you through mapping out your most profitable year yet.

Included is the workshop, A 30-minute recap training, Plan to Profit worksbook, 2019 calendar, the master marketing spreadsheet + a few suprises. Let's start planning!


Six-Figure Summit Plug-n-Play Pack

You want to host your summit, but the number of tasks seems never-ending and you just don't know where to begin. Not anymore!

Use this plug-n-play pack and cut your to-do list in half!

What's Included:

Trello Workflow - This roadmap will tell you what you need to do every day for the next 3 months to flawlessly plan, execute, and launch your six-figure summit. 

(6) Summit Lead Pages - These pages work best in the LeadPages Software and can also be used with WordPress.

  1. Lead Page (signup page)- Use this page to get attendees to sign up.
  2. Upgrade Page (order form) - Use this page to upsell the All-Access pass. 
  3. Thank You Page - Use this page to say thank you and invite attendees to join your group.
  4. Too Early or Too Late Page - Use this page to block the daily interview pages. 
  5. Speaker Appointment Page - Use this page so speakers can schedule their appointments with you.
  6. Daily Interview Page - Use this page to release your daily interviews

Summit All Access pass Video Script - Use this script to create your upsell video and gain more sales immediately.

Summit Affiliate Swipe File (Ambassadors) - Plug in your info and send this to your ambassadors. Let them help you fill your summit.

Summit Speaker Swipe File - Plug in your info and give this file to your speakers so they can promote your summit with their audiences. 

Summit Offer map - If you want your summit to sell, you need an irresistible offer. Use my summit offer map and edit it to fit your summit.

Summit Guest Email Sequence - No need to write your emails. Use these emails to plug into your email software and schedule.

Sample Summit Speaker Promo Graphics - Use my graphics to create your own.